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Document attributes


The document attributes listed below are unique to Metanorma’s processing of CalConnect documents.

For common document attributes, see Document attributes reference in general Metanorma author’s documentation. That page describes attributes that apply to all Metanorma flavors, not just CalConnect.

For an introduction to Metanorma AsciiDoc document attributes and how Metanorma uses them, see the corresponding topic.


CalConnect document number, as allocated by TCC.


The status of the document. Synonym: :docstage:. Can be one of:

  • proposal

  • working-draft

  • committee-draft

  • draft-standard

  • final-draft

  • published

  • withdrawn


The type of the document. Can be one of:


Standard (no suffix on identifier; e.g. CC 1)


Directive (suffix DIR, e.g. CC/DIR 1)


Guide (suffix Guide)


Specification (suffix S)


Report (suffix R)


Administrative (suffix A)


Amendment (suffix Amd)

technical corrigendum

Technical Corrigendum (suffix Cor)


Advisory (suffix Adv)


The name of the relevant CalConnect technical committee


The type of the relevant CalConnect technical committee (mandatory): technical, provisional


The name of a second relevant CalConnect technical committee; other committees are added as _3, _4…​


The type of a second relevant CalConnect technical committee; other committees are added as _3, _4…​


Terms and Definitions

This section supplements The “Terms and Definitions” section in general Metanorma documentation.

This must be Clause 3.

[[tda]]                      <= anchor if you want it
[source=ISO8601-1]           <= allows inheriting terms and definitions from
another document
== Terms, definitions, symbols and abbreviations   <= can combine T&D and S&A

=== Terms and definitions    <= the real T&D clause

[[term-explicit]]            <= anchor if you want it
==== explicit form           <= term item

date and time representation that uses designator symbols to delimit
time scale components

Term entries within a “Terms and definitions” section

The structure is strict. The following illustrates the complete structure of a term entry.

In the term source ([.source]), all content after the reference and the “comma” is about “modifications” to the original definition.

[[paddy]]                  <= anchor
=== paddy                  <= term
alt:[paddy rice]           <= alternative term
alt:[rough rice]           <= second alternative
deprecated:[cargo rice]    <= deprecated term
domain:[rice]              <= domain

rice retaining its husk after threshing  <= definition

[example]              <= example
Foreign seeds, husks, bran, sand, dust.

NOTE: The starch of waxy rice consists almost entirely of amylopectin. <= note

<<ISO7301,section 3.2>>, The term "cargo rice" is shown as deprecated, <= source
and Note 1 to entry is not included here.


Annexes have to be placed before the bibliography.

== Example date and time expressions, and representations