Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Setting up Metanorma

The Metanorma command-line toolchain can be installed with any of the following installation methods suitable for your platform.

Platform-specific installation

Choose your platform:

Platform-independent installation

The following installation methods are intended for skilled Metanorma experts who develop on Metanorma or require automated actions.

  • Docker

    Installing via Docker

    Docker is a platform-independent container engine. The official Metanorma Docker containers on Docker Hub provide a simple and consistent to run Metanorma, especially on continuous integration (CI) environments.

  • Ruby gem

    Manual installation

    Assuming you know what you’re doing, the metanorma-cli gem can be manually installed.

    You will have to take care of dependencies: an appropriate Ruby version, plus other software depending on the end documents you’re building.

    Refer to Metanorma CLI installation docs for details.

Continuous delivery environments

Metanorma is often run on continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) environments.

Running Metanorma

Refer to the following documentation on how to run the metanorma command:

Installing additional flavors

The method to install additional flavors depends on how Metanorma was installed.

  • If Metanorma was installed through an installation package, such as from SnapCraft (Linux), Homebrew (macOS) or Chocolatey (Windows), these packages install the Metanorma single executable (built from packed-mn). They do not support additional flavors.

  • If Metanorma was installed as a Ruby gem (from GitHub or, you can add the additional flavor gems to your Ruby installation with one of these methods:

    • Directly install the flavor gem using gem install metanorma-{flavor}

      Installing a flavor through the gem install command

      The following command installs the Ribose flavor.

      gem install metanorma-ribose
    • Install the flavor gem by specifying it in a Gemfile, then run the bundle command

      Installing a flavor through a Gemfile

      A Gemfile that adds the Ribose flavor:

      source ''
      gem 'metanorma-cli'
      gem 'metanorma-ribose'
  • If you use Metanorma through Docker, using the official Metanorma Docker images, additional flavors can be installed using Gemfile, and then running the script to add those to the running container.

    Installing a flavor to a Metanorma Docker container

    The Gemfile specified above can be used in the Metanorma Docker images for installing the additional metanorma-ribose flavor with the following command run within the Docker container:

    curl -L | bash