Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Developer documentation

To build documents with Metanorma, you need to have the Metanorma command-line toolchain installed. See Development installation.

The toolchain consists of metanorma-cli Ruby gem and its dependencies.

In general, these installation methods are recommended.

This documentation is aimed at those who are using Metanorma to build document authoring workflows for their organization.


It is assumed that you are familiar with HTML markup, CSS styling, and basics of programming with Ruby.


If you are looking for documentation about creating documents with Metanorma, see Author’s documentation.

Here’re some of the features that make Metanorma a good match for document publishing workflows of a standards defining organization:

  • WYSIWYM semantic authoring with syntax based on AsciiDoc.

  • Versionable document sources.

  • Validation of document contents against a set of style rules, and document structure against a formal schema.

  • Output in HTML, PDF and DOC formats with the flexibility to tune the appearance of rendered documents to align with your organization’s requirements and branding.

  • Multilingual support.