Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Circulation cover page for IEC


The circulation cover page for FDIS drafts is populated only for PDF, and not for HTML or DOC.

Data input


Most information in the circulation cover page is populated from document attributes.

Only the Note from TC/SC Officers is populated from document content as specified below.

Note from TC/SC Officers

The Note from TC/SC Officers is potentially multi-paragraph text, and is extracted from the document body.

The method of supplying this text is with any note with the title “Note from TC/SC Officers” [added in], as follows.

.Note from TC/SC Officers
This FDIS is the result of the discussion between the IEC SC21A experts WG 3
during the meeting held in Chicago (USA) on April 9th.

This document is also of interest for ISO/TC 114/WG 1 Requirements for Watch