Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Metanorma UN samples

To check out Metanorma capabilities for UN, take a look at a sample Metanorma project written in Metanorma for UN.

Obtain sample source for the document(s) here, and see the rendered form here.

You can use the sample as a starting point for authoring your own UN documents with Metanorma. Refer to the repository for an overview of how the source is structured.

Building the sample

Clone the repository:

git clone

Build the documents via the provided Makefile from within repository root:

cd mn-samples-un
make clean all

By default, make expects that metanorma binary is available somewhere on your path.

If you are using Docker-based distribution of Metanorma, run export METANORMA_DOCKER=1, then make will invoke Metanorma through Docker container.

  • See Getting started for the different ways of getting the Metanorma toolchain set up.

The following outputs will be built:


If you’re using macOS, the following sequence will rebuild the documents and open the HTML deliverable showing your changes:

make html
open *.html

This is handy if you’re using the sample as a starting point to write your own document.