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Metanorma wins two Gold Stevie Awards at 2018 International Business Awards

Author’s picture Ronald Tse on 24 Aug 2018

The Metanorma project was named winner of two Gold Stevie® Awards in the 15th Annual International Business Awards®, for the categories “Best New Semantic Technology Platform, Tools and Applications”, and “Best New Scholarly Publishing Information Solution”.

Based on the notion that standard documents from different standards-setting bodies rely on common requirements, Metanorma enables creation of semantic-aware standard documents in an end-to-end, author-to-print workflow.

Metanorma consists of three parts:

  • a unified document model for standard documents,

  • a serialization format for standard documents, and

  • a toolchain for authors to directly publish standard documents in the correct structure and appearance without the need for post-processing.

This year’s IBA judges lauded the development of Metanorma as a “revolutionary concept”, noting that, “Setting standards for standardization is a very important requirement. This is a great initiative”. Another judge remarked, “To anyone who has to administrate such standards, this [Metanorma] will seem like a godsend.

The Metanorma toolchain is already being used by standard authors worldwide to create standards for international standardization bodies such as CalConnect and ISO.

In addition, Metanorma also makes it straightforward for any organization to create their own standard or specification documents in a best practices manner, by providing fully open-source tools for semantically accurate authoring of the documents and the flexible rendering of them.

Learn more about about how Metanorma can help you create and unify your standards at

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