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Metanorma available for macOS as Homebrew formula

Author’s picture Nick Nicholas on 23 Jan 2019

Metanorma is now available for installation on macOS via the Homebrew package installer.

You humble wizards here in Metanorma HQ happen to be of the Macintosh persuasion, and for there to be a Windows package management solution for Metanorma (our Chocolatey package was announced this Christmas) without an equivalent for the Mac is something of an imbalance.

Redressing a package installer imbalance
Figure 1. Redressing a package installer imbalance

An imbalance that has now been addressed: Metanorma is now available on Homebrew, the storied macOS package management solution.

For the curious: our sourcecode for the Homebrew installer is on

Installing Metanorma on macOS using Homebrew

The Metanorma Homebrew formula is officially supported for installing Metanorma natively on your macOS machine.

As a native install, it is much faster than running Metanorma via the Metanorma Docker container.

Short and sweet, simple steps:

  1. If you don’t already have Homebrew installed, install Homebrew according to the Homebrew homepage.

    For your convenience, this is how you install Homebrew at the moment of this post’s writing:

    /usr/bin/ruby -e \
    "$(curl -fsSL"
  2. Install Metanorma from Homebrew:

    brew tap metanorma/metanorma
    brew install metanorma
    Alternatively, if you want to install Metanorma straight from the spigot (er, URL), you can do:
    brew install --HEAD \

Happy brewing!

More information

Learn more about how Metanorma can help you create and unify your standards at

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