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Metanorma accepted by Google's Season of Docs 2021

Author’s picture Wai Kit Wong on 18 Apr 2021

Metanorma has been accepted by Google’s Season of Docs 2021!

The Google Summer of Docs (GSoD) program aims to raise awareness of open source, of docs, and of technical writing.

Similar to the very successful Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program, GSoD provides support for open source projects to improve their documentation, and gives professional technical writers an opportunity to gain experience in open source.

The current Metanorma GSoD project aims to develop an authoring guide for new users, and is expected to complete in 3 months time.

We are now recruiting a technical writer, fluent in open source, to contribute to Metanorma documentation content as well as structure. Experience in technical writing, software documentation and in supporting open source projects would be viewed positively.

The details and budget of the project can be found at our GSoD proposal page.

For those of you interested, you can apply by:

Looking forward to a great summer!