Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Getting started with Metanorma in CI/CD environments

Metanorma is often run on continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) environments.

Running on CI/CD platforms

We currently support the following CI/CD platforms:

  • GitHub Actions

  • GitLab CI


Metanorma provides native packages installable on most major platforms and these packages can be installed through a non-interactive console/terminal. The full list is available here.

Metanorma also provides additional automated actions for the setup and running of Metanorma on CI/CD testers.

GitHub Actions

The following GitHub Actions can be used to simplify a Metanorma CI workflow:

Please refer to our ISO samples repository for further reference.

GitLab CI

Metanorma provides a sample .gitlab-ci.yml workflow file that demonstrates how to use the Metanorma docker container in the environment.