Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Running Metanorma with Docker

Installing Metanorma via Docker

Instead of "installing", the Metanorma Docker container makes running Metanorma a breeze for those that already run Docker.

Docker is a platform-independent container engine that allows one to run packaged software easily as all dependencies are bundled within a container image.

Possible reasons to avoid running in Docker
  • Performance. Using Metanorma inside Docker container is likely to be be slower.

  • Windows. Docker on Windows require an explicit folder sharing settings in order to share a local filesystem (e.g. a Metanorma document directory) to the container.

The steps are straightforward.

Pulling the Metanorma Docker container

  1. Pull the container:

    docker pull metanorma/metanorma


    docker pull metanorma/mn

Running Metanorma using the Docker container

  1. Specify the :local-cache-only: Metanorma attribute in the AsciiDoc document header to cache bibliographic entries in the local directory (where the command was run) (optional).

  2. To render a Metanorma document into its intended outputs, execute from within the directory containing the Metanorma document (replacing {my-document-path} with your actual document’s filename):

    Running the Metanorma container on macOS and Linux
    docker run -v "$(pwd)":/metanorma/ -w /metanorma metanorma/metanorma metanorma compile -t {flavor} -x {output-formats} {my-document-path}

    or for documents with a Metanorma manifest file:

    docker run -v "$(pwd)":/metanorma/ -w /metanorma metanorma/metanorma metanorma site generate {my-document-dir} -o {output-directory} -c {manifest-yml} --agree-to-terms
    Running the Metanorma container on Windows
    docker run -v "%cd%":/metanorma/ -w /metanorma metanorma/metanorma metanorma compile -t {flavor} -x {output-formats} {my-document-path}
  3. You can speedup document compilation by caching fonts between docker runs by passing extra docker volume. More information on font caching is found on the Font Management page.

Commands other than metanorma compile …​ are also available on the Docker containers. See the Usage page of Metanorma CLI for more details.

See the metanorma-docker repository for more information.