Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

…​ == Test report

For each test method, the test report shall specify the following: all information necessary for the complete identification of the sample; a reference to this document (i.e. ISO {docnumber}-{partnumber}); the sampling method used; the test method used; the test result(s) obtained or, if the repeatability has been checked, the final quoted result obtained; all operating details not specified in this document, or regarded as optional, together with details of any incidents which may have influenced the test result(s); any unusual features (anomalies) observed during the test; the date of the test.


extraneous matter

alt:[EM] domain:[rice]

organic and inorganic components other than whole or broken kernels

Foreign seeds husks bran sand dust


Precision is a description of random errors, a measure of statistical variability. Accuracy is a description of systematic errors, a measure of statistical bias; low accuracy causes a difference between a result and a "true" value. Volumetric water content θ is defined as the ratio between volume of water and the volume of the total mass.