You can get the metanorma command-line executable by installing this Ruby gem.


To install the Metanorma toolchain we recommend to use one of the ways described in Metanorma installation topic. Installing this gem by hand may not be the easiest way.

When following this installation method, to start building documents you may have to take care of manually installing some required third-party software as well. Which exactly depends on what documents you’re building, below notes cover some of that.

Installing the Metanorma CLI gem

gem install metanorma-cli

Installing the gem will also install all officially supported Metanorma flavors (such as ISO, CalConnect, IETF, etc).



You will have to have a Java runtime installed. (Use brew cask install java on macOS.)


If you are going to generate PDFs from HTML (which applies to CalConnect Standard Documents), you will also need to install the Puppeteer Node library.


If your documents include PlantUML diagrams, PlantUML will have to be installed.

  • brew install plantuml on MacOS.

  • For Linux, link the PlantUML jar file into a command line executable; see .travis.yml for an example.

If PlantUML is not installed locally, the source PlantUML is incorporated into the output document as sourcecode.

Installation notes for Windows

To be able to compile gem with a native extension you must have RIDK installed. If you are installing metanorma with chocolatey installation script will do this for you