Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Output formats

Output formats supported by Metanorma toolchain can be seen in Outputs section in general Metanorma documentation.

The following outputs are generated.

  • (Optional) An HTML preview generated directly from the AsciiDoc document, using Metanorma AsciiDoc formatting.

    • AsciiMathML is to be used for mathematical formatting. Metanorma-GB uses the Ruby AsciiMath parser, which is syntactically stricter than the common MathJax processor; if you do not get expected results, try bracketing terms in your AsciiMathML expressions.

  • an XML representation of the document, intended as a document model for GB International Standards.

  • The XML representation is processed in turn to generate the following outputs as end deliverable GB standard drafts:

    • HTML

    • Microsoft Word (.doc) — see caveats