Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Typical sections in OGC


The easiest way to ensure that you are following the document structure that IEEE demands, is to use a Metanorma template.

If you author a document type that doesn’t have a template, check a sample document for better understanding how to structure that document.

Typically, an IEEE SA document contains the following content order:

Terms and definitions

The terms and definitions is used to define important terms and cite them throughout the standard.


The references section contains normative references, it is considered a “bibliography” section.

In IEEE there are two “bibliography” sections. The “References” section for normative references, and the “Bibliography” section which is for informative references.

Content sections

After the sections above, any number of content sections can be added.

Annex sections


Annex sections are declared by prepending the [appendix] tag above the section declaration. Annexes can be added as necessary.

An annex can either be normative or informative. By default an annex is marked informative.

In order to declare a normative annex, use the obligation attribute in the following manner: [appendix,obligation=normative]

Example 1. Example of creating a normative versus an information annex
// Without declaration, an annex is informative.
== Informative annex title

// A normative annex.
== Normative annex title

// A informative annex with explicit declaration
== Informative annex title

Annex clauses are placed after all content sections, right before the bibliography section.


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