Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Metanorma-IETF RFC XML version AsciiDoc comparison

v2 markup v3 markup

:biblio-dir:, :normative:, cached RFC XML references

Relaton import from online sources, AsciiBib, pre-formatted titles

Citations of specific versions of Internet Draft documents

Not supported yet

:obsoletes:, :updates: takes RFC numbers or Internet-Draft names as parameters (7991, draft-ietf-acvp-subsha)

:obsoletes:, :updates: takes Relaton identifiers (RFC 7991, IETF(draft-ietf-acvp-subsha))













:street{_i}:, :city{_i}:, :region{_i}:, :country{_i}:, :code{_i}:

:address{_i}: (no broken down address components supported yet)

Abstract marked up as preamble, optionally with abstract style, without title

Either abstract with title, or preamble without abstract style

Can embed sourcecode, ASCII art, and images within example markup (figure)

Can embed sourcecode, ASCII art, and images within example markup (figure), but prefer not to: redundant anchors, no need for preamble/postamble text within figure

Mathematical expressions rendered as artwork, as found

Mathematical expressions rendered as AsciiMath, in $$ delimiters

Anchors on li, dt ignored

Anchors on li, dt inherited from bookmarks

Note renders as comment

Note renders as aside

Admonition renders as comment (in recent releases: as paragraphs)

Admonition renders as aside

Comment macro renders as RFC XML comment

RFC XML comments not supported

cref not supported

Sidebars renders as cref

Footnotes ignored

Text footnotes rendered as endnotes, Table and Figure footnotes rendered as aside after object