Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Writing IETF I-Ds and RFCs using AsciiDoc & Metanorma

This documentation describes how to write a document for the Internet Draft and RFC series using Metanorma in AsciiDoc.

A summary guide to authoring I-Ds and RFCs using AsciiDoc is also available at IETF Datatracker, with source on GitHub.
RFC is supported in two kinds, v2 and v3. You will see notes in this documentation which clarify which part applies to which kind of RFC.

Quick start

New to Metanorma?

Documentation for Metanorma-IETF is meant to supplement the general Metanorma documentation.

Please first familiarize yourself with the general Metanorma documentation as well as the AsciiDoc syntax reference.