Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Metanorma ISO sample: the Rice model

To check out Metanorma capabilities for ISO, take a look at the Rice document sample Metanorma project written in Metanorma for ISO.

Obtain sample source for the document(s) here, and see the rendered form here.

You can use the sample as a starting point for authoring your own ISO documents with Metanorma. Refer to the repository for an overview of how the source is structured.

Building the sample

Make sure you have yq installed.

To build the document via the provided Makefile, simply run make from within the sample directory.


By default, make expects that metanorma binary is available somewhere on your path.

If you are using Docker-based distribution of Metanorma, run export METANORMA_DOCKER=1, then make will invoke Metanorma through Docker container.

  • See Getting started for the different ways of getting the Metanorma toolchain set up.