Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Write ITU-T documents with Metanorma

Experimental flavor

Metanorma for ITU is currently under heavy development.

While it could be used for document submission to ITU, some glitches are possible.

We would greatly appreciate any such issues filed to its GitHub repository here metanorma-itu.

Quick start

  • Play with a sample Metanorma ITU project

  • Build Metanorma for ITU documents with a command like this:

    metanorma --type itu -x html {my-document-filename.adoc}
  • Check out the guide for authoring ITU documents using Metanorma for ITU markup

New to Metanorma?

Documentation for Metanorma-ITU is meant to supplement the general Metanorma documentation.

Please first familiarize yourself with the general Metanorma documentation as well as the AsciiDoc syntax reference.