Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Metanorma AsciiDoc

This section provides general guidance for authoring Metanorma documents using Metanorma AsciiDoc.

This describes the Metanorma AsciiDoc language and how it extends the AsciiDoc markup language (see Approach for technical details).

Content here applies across most of the supported flavors of Metanorma, for additional features available for specific flavors, please refer to the flavor's documentation.

Basic syntax

Metanorma AsciiDoc is based on the AsciiDoc syntax used by Asciidoctor, and inherits most of its syntax.

Please refer to the Asciidoctor manual for general markup mechanisms offered in typical AsciiDoc.

Unsupported AsciiDoc features

  • Sidebars (asides) are not supported. Instead, see annotations.

  • Page breaks ("thematic break") are not supported, as Metanorma documents are focuses on semantic encoding.

  • ASCII art, or preformatted text ("literal content"), are only supported in selected Metanorma flavors, as they are disallowed in most standardization organizations.


Metanorma auto-numbering extends beyond typical AsciiDoc, applying to document elements including:

  • tables

  • figures

  • formulas

  • notes

Auto-numbering is applied during conversion from Metanorma semantic XML to Metanorma presentation XML.

Auto-numbering rules are implemented according to the needs of specific flavors. For most flavors, the numbering is continuous within the main body of text and restarts for each annex.