Authoring guide for OGC documents

This authoring guide introduces you to editing Metanorma documents and the specifics of OGC. To avoid trouble when you work with the material, install the latest version of Metanorma.

Terms and definitions

Specific terms used in this guide is defined in this section.


Statement used to draw the attention of the reader by labeling it with a priority tag. For example: WARNING, NOTE, TIP.


Name-value pair separated by an equal sign (=) to configure a localized part of the document.


Also known as boilerplate text.

Predefined content that is automatically inserted into the output in accordance to flavor requirements.


Also known as section. Logical group of content that is numerically identified in ascending order.


Direct link to an internal location within the current AsciiDoc document or to another external AsciiDoc document.

document attribute

Name-value pair (:name: value) used as to configure the AsciiDoc processor.


Formatting required to author a specific standard. It receives the name of the non-profit organization in charge of publishing. E.g.: OGC, ISO, IEC, ITU, etc.


List of text contents related to a common subject.

Metanorma AsciiDoc

Extended version of AsciiDoc markup language designed to ease the authoring of standards.

subclause (or subsection)

Content separator embedded recursively in clauses, numerically identified in ascending order until certain level depending of the flavor.


file(s) that serve as guidance to author a specific document type in OGC flavor