Metanorma: Aequitate Verum


Metanorma AsciiDoc supports three types of lists:

  • Unordered lists

  • Ordered lists

  • Definition lists

Unordered lists

Unordered lists are bulleted and can be nested by adding asterisks. They look like this:

The main changes compared to the previous edition are:

* updated normative references;
* deletions:
** deletion of 4.3. [nested list item]
** deletion of 4.4. [nested list item]

Ordered lists

Ordered lists are invoked by beginning the line with a dot .. The list items are numbered automatically. The default list arabic numbers but can vary depending on the stylesheet of your organization.

. First Step
. Second Step
. Third Step

Definition lists

Definition lists (also called description lists pair a term and a description together. They are often used in a "Definitions" section to define units or terms. Definition lists can appear in other sections as well, except for the Terms section, which provides a special syntax for defining terms.

Definition lists follow the syntax of:

`term:: Definition`
Example of definitions for units
stem:[w]:: is the mass fraction of grains with a particular defect in the test sample;
stem:[m_D]:: is the mass, in grams, of grains with that defect;
stem:[m_S]:: is the mass, in grams, of the test sample.
stem:[] is used for mathematical formatting, and results in italics. So stem:[w] is an italic w, w; stem:[m_D] is an italic m with a D subscript: mD.

Practice time

The code for this exercise is available on GitHub.

The corresponding file is named exercise-2-3-1.adoc

Add lists to the prepopulated document.

  • Add an ordered list in lines 23-27

  • Add a definition list in lines 34-50

  • Add an unordered list in lines 56-58


Ordered list items start with a dot, followed by a blank: . List item.

Unordered list items start with an asterisk, followed by a blank: * List item.

To write a definition list, follow the syntax: term:: Definition

Great work! Let’s have a look at term definitions in the next lesson.