Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Code Samples

AsciiDoc supports code samples using the [source] attribute before a new block. If you specify the coding language, the sample will be highlighted correctly in HTML output. Unlike other blocks in Asciidoc, line breaks and space indentations are preserved. Have a look at the example:

.Sample Code (1)
[source,ruby] (2)
==== (3)
puts "Hello, world." (4)
%w{a b c}.each do |x|
  puts x
==== (5)
  1. Title for your code sample (optional)

  2. [source] specifies that the block contains code. ruby is the coding language. The block will highlight keywords depending on the coding language.

  3. Starting delimiter

  4. Sample code

  5. Ending delimiter

Practice time

The code for this exercise is available on GitHub.

The corresponding file is named exercise-2-3-6.adoc

There are some code samples in the document but they are not neatly packed into source blocks, so they cause trouble.

  • Create a source block with the attribute ruby for the code in lines 20-35.

  • Create a source block with the attribute python for the code in line 38.

  • Create a source block with the attribute java for the code in lines 41-45.


Source code blocks look like this:

[source, language]

We’re done with blocks - good job! The next lesson covers inline markup.