Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Summary of lesson 4

Let’s summarize what we’ve learnt in this lesson:

  • To generate a Metanorma document, enter the following command:

    Local installation
    metanorma document.adoc
    Using Docker on Linux/ macOS
    docker run -v "$(pwd)":/metanorma/ -w /metanorma metanorma/metanorma metanorma document.adoc
    Using Docker on Windows
    docker run -v "%cd%":/metanorma/ -w /metanorma metanorma/metanorma metanorma document.adoc
  • More often than not, we encounter errors that we need to fix:

    • Metadata errors: Provide all metadata that your organization mandates; include the flavor type and document type either in the header or in the build command.

    • Markup errors: Make sure you’ve entered the correct syntax for blocks or inline macros and provided the correct filenames and paths.

    • Reference errors: If a reference can’t be resolved, make sure that the anchor name follows the naming rules; The anchor and the reference need to be identical.

    • Bugs: Sometimes, when you can’t solve an error, you might have discovered a bug. Feel free to raise an issue in your organization’s repository on the Metanorma Github page.

Great work! You’ve completed the Metanorma fundamentals tutorial!

You’re ready to create Metanorma documents on your own. To get started, you can download a template document. Look up any flavor-specific rules in the the flavor documentation.