Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Text markup

Text formatting

The simplest form of inline markup is to emphasize text. AsciiDoc allows you to:

  • Make words bold using asterisks

  • Italicise words with underscores

  • Apply monospacing using backticks

  • Superscript and subscript characters (like CO2 or x4)


Metanorma extends these simple formats with:

  • Strikethrough text (strike through text)

  • Smallcaps text (small caps text)

  • Underline text (underline text)

[strike]#strike through text#
[smallcap]#small caps text#
[underline]#underline text#

Character substitutions

Metanorma also supports automatic character replacements, for example the copyright symbol © can be entered using ©. Metanorma AsciiDoc also recognises HTML and XML character references, and decimal and hexadecimal Unicode code points.

For more information about automatic character replacements, see the AsciiDoc documentation.


Footnotes are a great option to add a remark to your content without disturbing the reading flow. AsciiDoc allows you to enter single line footnotes. Metanorma extends this functionality and provides the option to enter multi-paragraph footnotes.

Single-line footnotes

You can add footnotes to your document using the footnote macro (footnote:[]). Just add the footnote where you want it to appear, like this:

Oryza sativa[1], is rice that is farmed commercially.

Multi-paragraph footnotes

Native Asciidoctor supports only single-paragraph footnotes through its footnote macro (which can only contain a single line of text).

Metanorma introduces a footnote macro footnoteblock:[id] which allows multi-paragraph notes to be treated as footnotes.

Multi-paragraph footnotes can be entered using the macro footnoteblock:[id] [added in], where id is the identifier of a note containing the contents of the footnote:

Example of a multi-paragraph footnote
This is a paragraph.footnoteblock:[id1] This continues the paragraph.

This is

a multi-paragraph


Practice time

The code for this exercise is available on GitHub.

The corresponding file is named exercise-2-4-1.adoc

Format the text using the following formatting:

  • Add underline formatting to the sentence in line 23

  • Add bold formatting to "worldwide" in line 25

  • Add smallcaps formatting to "FAIR" in line 27

  • Add italic formatting to the OGC Innovation Program in line 30

  • Add a footnote on line 30 to explain the OGC Innovation Program. Footnote text: See all active initatives at the OGC wesite.

Let’s look at a more advanced form of inline formatting: index entries.

1. Sativa means "cultivated"