Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Entering a bibliographic entry

Most standard documents contain two sections with bibliographic references, namely the "normative references" and the "bibliography" (informative references).

Every bibliographic section must be preceded by the style attribute [bibliography] so that bibliographic references are recognized as such.

Entering a bibliographic entry

To enter a reference entry:

  1. Start a new unordered list (*) item.

  2. Enter triple square brackets ([[[]]]) which contain:

    • The anchor name used to reference this entry

    • A document identifier

    Syntax for a bibliographic entry
    * [[[anchor,document identifier or reference tag]]], _reference list text_
  3. After the triple brackets, you may include the reference text in italics, for example the title of the document.

    Metanorma uses Relaton to automatically fetch resource descriptions from SDO sources. If Metanorma recognizes a document identifier, it will overwrite any title you provide with the authoritative title of the reference.

Referencing a bibliographic entry

To cite an entry from your bibliography:app-name:

  1. Enter the anchor name like this: <<ISO20483>>.

  2. To specify a location within the cited document, you can add localities in the brackets like so: <<ISO20483, part=IV,chapter=3,paragraph=12>>.

Bibliography example

The following code sample illustrates how a bibliography section looks like in AsciiDoc Metanorma.

Example for a bibliography section
== Normative references

* [[[ISO20483,ISO 20483:2013]]], _Cereals and cereal products -- Determination of moisture content -- Reference method_
* [[[ISO6540,ISO 6540:1980]]]. _Maize -- Determination of moisture content (on milled grains and on whole grains)_

Gets rendered as:

  • ISO 20483:2013. Cereals and cereal products — Determination of moisture content — Reference method

  • ISO 6540:1980. Maize — Determination of moisture content (on milled grains and on whole grains)