Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Generating output

To build a Metanorma document, you need to use command-line Metanorma tool. Depending on how you got Metanorma installed, the tool would either be available on your machine directly, or through a Docker container.

Invoking Metanorma binary

Here’s an example of using Metanorma to generate an HTML version of an ISO standard authored with Metanorma-ISO:

metanorma --type iso -x html my-iso-standard.adoc

Invoking through Docker container

To achieve the same with Metanorma Docker distribution, the command would look like this:

docker run -v "$(pwd)":/metanorma/ -w /metanorma metanorma/metanorma metanorma -t iso -x html my-iso-standard.adoc

More information on using the command-line Metanorma tool is available at Metanorma CLI usage.