Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Extracting content from Metanorma

Extracting content from Metanorma


Images, source code, and requirements can all be extracted out of the generated Metanorma XML downstream, by the metanorma -e command.

Specifying filenames

By default, the filename for each extracted snippet is automatically generated. (Extraction only applies to data-uri encoded images, which no longer preserve their filename.)

The attribute filename on images, source code, and requirements gives the filename that any inline-encoded images, source code, and requirements should be exported to, if that is requested by downstream tools.


In this instance, the image is read in from logo.gif, but is converted in the XML output to a data-uri encoding. The encoding will have the filename attribute of image1.gif; that instructs any downstream processing that extracts images out of the file (such as metanorma -e) to extract this image to the file image1.gif, instead of using an automatically generated filename.