Metanorma: Aequitate Verum


Block quotes

Block quotes are preceded with an author and a citation.

  • The citation is expected to be in the same format as all other citations, which is a cross-reference optionally followed by text.

  • The citation may include the bibliographic sections referenced.



  • {attribution} is the rendered name of the source

  • {citation} is a valid citation reference (citation anchor, optionally followed by locality)

  • {content} is the quotation content

Example 1. Example of a block quote, quoting a section from an ISO deliverable
[quote, ISO, "ISO7301,section=1"]
This International Standard gives the minimum specifications for rice
(_Oryza sativa_ L.) which is subject to international trade. It is applicable to
the following types: husked rice and milled rice, parboiled or not, intended for
direct human consumption. It is neither applicable to other products derived
from rice, nor to waxy rice (glutinous rice).

renders as

Illustration of a block quote in Metanorma