Metanorma: Aequitate Verum

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How can I nest additional content to a list item?

Sometimes list items contain more content than a simple paragraph.

A list item can be attached with an open block to contain additional content.

An open block is a block of text delimited with lines consisting of two hyphen symbols -- at the beginning and end.

Example 1. Example of an open block
This is an open block

The concatenation character ` is used to join the open block to the list, the ` is to be placed immediately after the list item, and immediate before the open block, with no gap in between.

Example 2. Example of an open block joined to a list item
List item with block concatenation
. This line is a list item.
And this line is concatenated to the list item by using an open block.
faq 1
Figure 1. Result: List item with block concatenation

You can basically put any markup into the concatenated open block: paragraphs, notes, examples, tables, lists, etc.

How can I include rich-text elements in a table?

Rich-text elements are allowed in a table cell.

The table cell that contains rich-text content has to denoted as "rich-text" through using the a column option in cols, or prefixed with an a immediate before the cell delimiter.


// Including an unnumbered figure

// Including an item list
Some text

* item 1
* item 2

When including an item list in a table cell, as with normal cases, a blank line needs to precede the first asterisk (*) or dot (.) used as an indicator for the first item on a list.

Why do I get extremely wide tables in DOC output sometimes?

This could happen when there are table cells containing a string of long text that has no whitespace in between, causing the table wider beyond borders.

  • If the long text is a URL, specify the :break-up-urls-in-tables: document attribute in the document header to allow Metanorma to cut up URLs when needed.